Fiji Time

What is Fiji Time?

The Fiji Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately latitude 18° south and longitude 178° east spreading across the dateline. The time zone that Fiji is located in is named “Fiji Time” (FJT). The standard difference to the … Read more

fiji soft coral diving

Why Is Fiji So Famous For Its Soft Corals?

Located in the exotic Southwest Pacific Ocean, almost exactly halfway between Vanuatu and Tonga, Fiji is a spectacular archipelago consisting of 332 islands and 522 isles, lying about 3,100 kilometers from Sydney, Australia and a little over 5,000 kilometers Southwest … Read more

Beautiful Fiji Islands

The Wonderful, Tropical Islands of Fiji

The wonderful, tropical islands of Fiji have many white beaches, turquoise water, and a culture of their own. In the old days called the “Cannibal Islands” is Fiji today one of the more modern Melanesian countries. The people of Fiji … Read more