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humpback_breach_levuka_fijiDive guide to Scuba diving in Lomaiviti, Fiji Islands

Review of dive operators and general info and tips on the best scuba diving in Fiji.

Central Fiji – the Koro Sea,  and Vatu-i-Ra Passage make up the Vatu-i-Ra Seascape, the Fiji Islands most exciting and most diverse waters, hiding some of the most challenging ocean experiences and scuba diving adventures in Fiji.

It is this outstanding diversity of sea life and the complex marine ecosystems in Central Fiji, that recognizes the Vatu-i-Ra Seascape as one of the last intact remaining sanctuaries for endangered species.
backllion01“Fiji’s Big Fish Capital” -Lomaiviti – is a group of islands in Fiji’s Koro Sea. The main Islands of the Group are Namena, Makogai, Koro, Wakaya, Batiki, Nairai, Gau, Ovalau, and Moturiki. There are also several small islets.

Most of them are the peaks of deep-sea volcano’s rising from 1000 to 3000 meters from the bottom of the Koro Basin. The surrounding reefs are fed from major ocean currents and upwelling from the deep sea. Wide open sea, 1000 meter walls, passages with strong currents to calm inside reefs form the habitat of large schooling fish like tuna, barracuda, trevally, snapper…. gray reef sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, turtles… as well as whales and dolphins.

baracuda3kLomaiviti – Fijian for Central Fiji – is the best scuba diving destination in the Fiji Islands.
The pristine coral reefs with colorful tropical fish are a divers paradise. Walls, caves, overhangs and colorful soft and hard coral gardens full of reef fish.
The outside reefs and the passages of the reef systems are exposed to major ocean currents as well as tidal currents are the terrain for the advanced scuba diver.

The Deep Waters in Central Fiji create upwelling deep sea currents, that feed a food chain from the smallest critters to the biggest fish even dolphins and whales …

Most of Fiji’s live-aboard vessels have scuba diving on the sites of Lomaiviti on their schedule. The land-based dive operators are only a few and are spread over the Lomaiviti Islands, they are exclusive and allow only a few visitors at a time so diving is individual and environmentally as friendly as possible. Padi Diving courses are held individually on demand.

Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide Review 

Are you planning to visit Fiji soon and want to know what you can expect during your visit? The Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide is your best option. Its as much as up to date as a travel guide can be, as there is a new edition every two years and before it goes to print a lonely planet travel writer has visited Fiji to collect up to date information.

The Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide is designed for those who are planning a Fiji getaway, and not only enjoy resting under a palm tree, but may also wander off to less traveled destinations. In this beautiful paradise, you can enjoy activities, such as diving and snorkeling the incredible reefs, or simply enjoy a walk in nature.

Fiji Travel Guide Features

It also serves as the most popular guide to entire Fiji. It offers full-color selection, as well as detailed maps, allowing you to travel as safely as possible without getting lost. This travel guide will also focus on achieving sustainable travel, which is also good news on your part. There is also a dedicated part which lists down the highly recommended restaurants in the place, as well as tips on accommodation and hotels all around Fiji.

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