In 1990 my wife Andrea and I, set up our first dive shop on Leleuvia Island. Leleuvia was a very popular backpacker island in the 90ths run by Emosi Yee Shaw, one of the founders of backpacking tourism in Fiji.

In 1998 we moved to Levuka on Ovalau Island, the main island of the Lomaiviti Group, and set up Ovalau Watersports (see the old Html site)

Our regular dive sites included the reefs around Ovalau, Wakaya, and Makogai. We closed the dive shop for guests in 2013. I now dive only for my own recreation.

“Lomaiviti” -Fijian for Central Fiji, is a large area in the middle of the Fiji Group favored by environmental conditions that result in unmatched variety and diversity of species and marine life.

There is endless diving opportunity to explore coral reefs full of marine life that in its diversity and beauty is matched only by very few destinations on the planet.

After over 30 years of diving in Fiji, the underwater world has still new for me to explore and to learn.