are there dangerous animals in Fiji

Are There Dangerous Animals In Fiji?

The Fiji Islands make a perfect tropical holiday destination to explore. The beautiful beaches and the stunning coral reefs welcome everyone who wants to swim, snorkel or scuba dive under its turquoise waters. You can see a lot underwater, the … Read more

Shark Feeding in Fiji – Pros and Cons

The beautiful islands of Fiji are a true paradise for vacationers, especially snorkelers and scuba divers. With their magnificent and world-famous soft corals, incredible seascapes, and hundreds of critters, Fiji’s dive sites are sure to please every diver and make … Read more

Rare Beautiful Sea Creatures

While Fiji is mostly known as the world capital of soft corals, and for exciting shark diving and big creatures passing by such as manta rays and whales, critter diving is a beautiful surprise while vacationing and diving in Fiji. … Read more

why is coral bleaching bad

Coral Bleaching – Why Do Coral Bleach?

Corals are colony-forming polyps, invertebrates (backboneless animals) that excrete a calcium carbonate skeleton, which forms the coral reefs. The polyps live in symbiosis with photosynthetically active algae (zooxanthellae). The algae supply the coral polyp with nutrients such as glucose, glycerol … Read more

Ghost Pipefish in Fiji, Solenostomus

Ghost Pipefish in Fiji, Solenostomus

Ghost pipefish are small fish that belong to the same order as seahorses and sea dragons. They appear seasonally in shallow waters on coastal reefs and mucky sediments. Ghost pipefish are masters of camouflage, divers are always thrilled when they … Read more

Pilot Whales In Fiji

Pilot Whales In Fiji

Pilot whales belong to the family of oceanic dolphins just like their larger cousins the killer whales. There are two species the long-finned pilot whale and the short-finned pilot whale. Common throughout the world’s oceans, the long-finned species live in … Read more

spinner dolphin in fiji

Spinner Dolphins In Fiji

Spinner dolphins live in all tropical and subtropical oceans around the world.  There are 4 subspecies of the genus spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris). They are a small species of the family of the toothed whales. Spinner dolphins are very playful, … Read more

Humpback Whales in Fiji

Humpback Whales In Fiji

Humpback whales are cosmopolitans who live in all of the world’s oceans. The humpback whales are baleen whales and spend most of the year in Arctic Waters, feeding on krill and small sardine-like fish. During the polar winter month, they … Read more

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin in Fiji

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin in Fiji

The spotted dolphin is found worldwide in all temperate and tropical oceans. There are 2 species, the Atlantic spotted dolphin and the Pantropical spotted dolphin with 4 subspecies in the Pacific. Of those, 2 subspecies exist in the eastern Pacific ocean, a coastal … Read more

False Killer Whale in Fiji

False Killer Whales in Fiji

False killer whales are the fourth-largest member of the oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae).  They live in temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world. They probably got their name ‘false killer whale’ (scientific pseudorca) because of similar skull characteristics and the similarity … Read more