Shark Feeding in Fiji – Pros and Cons

The beautiful islands of Fiji are a true paradise for vacationers, especially snorkelers and scuba divers. With their magnificent and world-famous soft corals, incredible seascapes, and hundreds of critters, Fiji’s dive sites are sure to please every diver and make … Read more

Ghost Pipefish in Fiji, Solenostomus

Ghost Pipefish in Fiji, Solenostomus

Ghost pipefish are small fish that belong to the same order as seahorses and sea dragons. They appear seasonally in shallow waters on coastal reefs and mucky sediments. Ghost pipefish are masters of camouflage, divers are always thrilled when they … Read more

whale shark in fiji

Whale Shark in Fiji

The whale shark inhabits all tropical and temperate oceans. It lives pelagic in the open seas, usually in the upper water column where plankton is plenty. Whale sharks pose no significant danger to humans as they are usually docile slow-moving … Read more