eagle rays

black sting ray


 Blue ribon eal

surface intervall on honey moon island


hoplophrys oatesii on dendronephthya, Levuka wharf, Ovalau

Fiji Diving Season,
is all year round. However there are different environmental conditions which trigger a diversity of different sea live to be observed in the ocean, making every season different with distinct highlights often not to be found in other seasons.

Summer from November till April, with water temperature between 26 to 28 C, visibility are up to 30 meters.
Winter from May till October when water
temperature drops to 23 to 24 C which reduces plankton activity,  spectacular visibility exceeding 50m are possible.

More about the weather and cyclon season.

 Nautilus, Fiji
  The warm season brings the lowest viz as plankon increases a lot, but this atracts filter feeders. Very good diving for little critters such as nudibranches, flattworms, shrimps, gostpipefish....

December- January - February: trevally, rabbit fish and spinefoot are plenty and ready to spawn, so are shellfish and crustaceans like languste and various crabs. Tuna aggregation occurs December to February,

March: crabs mature and bear eggs, large schools of sardines are around. Water temperature is highest now.

April: plenty bigeye scad show up on the reefs. 
Water temperature starts to drop.

May: is the month of the chub mackerel.
The cold month are best for big fish encounters, water is very clear as plankton activity is reduced.

June:  silver biddy, big mouth mackarel and goldspot herring are plentiful

July - August: lots of octopus, rock cod start congregating, Mullet around.

September: Grouper, Rock cod congregations and spawning time. Water is coldest and clearest

October - November: and sea-worm Balolo (Eunice viridis) starts spawning, Water temperature starts increasing a lot, coral spawning events, mass spaning of Balolo, abundance of spanish mackerel.
Butterflyfish, Lomaiviti

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