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Dive Sites in Fiji
The Lomiviti Islands are the peaks of deep sea volcanos raising from raising in the Koro Basin from  depht to 3000meter. (About the plates)
ll The deep water upwelling deep see water, major ocean currents in Lomaiviti create a diversity of dives sites
Some of the  most famous are:
Wakaya Passage: In the cold season mantas and hammerheads are almost guaranteed. Huge schools of fish, White tip, Nurse, Grey reef sharks, Marble Rays, Turtles, Eagle rays and Barracudas. And on the reef we show you the hiding places of Blue ribbon eels, Leaf fish, Lionfish....
Vatu Vula at Makogai channel. Trevally, Spanish mackerel white tips, grey reefs shark, occasionally mantas or eagle rays, schools of fusiliers and plenty coral fish amongst an abundance of hard and soft coral...

 Pilotwhale between Wakaya and Ovalau by
  Saxophone: A tunnel - enter at five exits at 20 meter. At your left an impressive overhanging wall with colourful soft coral, right at 20 m leads you to a outstanding point that drops to bottomless depht, huge schools of trevally and barracuda, occasional manta ray and white tip or hammerhead, schools of tuna...

E6: A seamount in Vatu i ra channel, rising from 1000 meter, major ocean currrent feeds the dive sites with nurtrion and creates a plethora of life. Stunning hard and soft corall with their residend reeflife attract large pelagic fish around the pinaccles...

Levuka Passage a narrow passage, strong currents and deep. Schooling fish by the thousands, giant groupers, eagle and manta rays, barracuda, trevally, White tips, grey reef and bull sharks are regularly seen as well as occasional tiger shark sightings...
Jim's Alley a shallow water soft coral garden dive. Reef fish and critter live around the coral make this an epic dive. Strange little critter like ghost pipe fish, decorator  crab, frog fish, needle fish, nudibranches, shrimps .... to the occasional  manta rays that keep the cleaner wrasse bussy...

Nigali Passage a narrow passage in Gau Islands hard coral barrier reef, separating open deep ecean from the sheltered waters of the Gau lagoon. Currents can be strong in the narrow passage and attract large schooling fish like trevally, barracuda, bass, makarel to feed in the currents. There is a resident group of about 20  grey reef sharks.....

North Save-a-Tack Passage in Namena Marine Reserve large schools of small and big pelagic fish patrol the passage and the nearby coral bommies. On the bottom large groupers wait above in the water colum barracuda, trevally, bass, , makarel scad, grey reef sharks, hunderts of schooling and occasional large rays ad to an awfull dive when dived at the right conditions....
grey reef shark, Fiji

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