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The variety of ocean environment, the shallow protected lagoons and the depth of the waters outside the Lomaiviti reefs, harbor not only the most diverse dive sites they are also an ideal environment for large marine live. There are several pods of pilot whales and dolphins that  inhabit those waters, as well as other species that migrate through, or here on yearly migratory patterns.

Spinner dolphins are the most common dolphin species in Fiji.

They are often very playful and often game boats




humpback whale breaching off levuka, fijiHumpbacks are seen usually only during the winter season July to October. They travel from arctic waters to tropical waters for calving and mating. They are often curios to their surroundings and approach and swim around boats.
In case of the Humpback whale and some other large whales, photos of the underside of the fluke, with their individual  shape and pattern, are used to ID, name and catalogue the whales. 

Other whale species are identified by the shape of their dorsal fin. Also helpful for identification are distinguished marks such as  scars or injuries.  









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