murray eal

scalloped hammerhead



 painted frogfish, levuka wharf, Ovalau

mantis shrimp

mantis shrimp


hoplophrys oatesii on dendronephthya, Levuka wharf, Ovalau

Fiji Diving
Fiji Diving is mainly famous for the stunning Soft Coral reefs. But this does not even come close to describe the ultimate dive adventures the Fiji Islands have to offer.
From the smallest critters barely visible with the unaided eye to the largest inhabitants of the ocean, the Fiji Islands have it all.

Especially "Lomaiviti" -Fijian for Central Fiji, a large area in the middle of the Fiji Group is favoured by environmental conditions that result in unmatched variety and diversity of species and marine live.

There is endless diving opportunity to explore coral reefs full of marine live that in its diversity and beauty is matched only by very few destinations on the planet.

 Lionfish, Fiji
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  Why is Central Fiji scuba diving outstanding.
The Deep Waters in Central Fiji create up welling deep sea currents, that feed a food chain from the smallest critters to the biggest creatures.....
Walls, caves, overhangs and colorful soft and hard coral gardens full of colored tropical reef fish.
Current exposed passages teaming with large schooling fish such as barracuda, trevally, grey reef sharks, different rays, tuna, turtles and more pelagic fish. On calm days,
pilot whales and different species dolphins are often spotted.

Click here to to read about ocean currents, up welling, reef structure - why Central Fiji diving is special.
The Lomaiviti area is visited only by few divers.
In fact, most dive sites are so far out that they can only be visited from live aboard dive vessels.

The landbased dive resorts or operators are only a few and are spread over the Lomaiviti Islands, they are exclusive and allow only few visitors at a time so diving is individual and environmentally as friendly as possible.

Lomaiviti is Fiji prime diving away from  Masstourism.
Barracuda, Fiji

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