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Do I need dive accident insurance?

Most regular medical insurance companies exclude hazardoues recreational sports such as scuba diving, mountaniring, bungee jumping and the likes, as well as may not provide insurance coverage when traveling outside your home coutry.

As a diver, even if the risk of a diving accidents is very small, if an accident occurs and special diving or hyperbaric treatmaent becomes neccesarry, it quickly adds up to considerable cost of thousands of dollars.

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  What a Dive Accident Insurance shoud cover

All cost of medically necessary services and supplies provided for the care and treatment of a diving accident or in water accident when prescribed, performed or ordered by a Physician.
This should include:
Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment,
Physician's Charges for Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment medical care and surgical operations,
Ground, marine or air ambulance transport from the acciedent site to nearest hospital or hyperbaric chamber where prescribed care or treatment can be given,
All Physicians and Hospital charges
Where to insure

Competition of  insurance providers is high, there are hunderts of travel and diving insurance plans out there.
One of the most widely known providing worldwide coverage for recreational or professional divers is DAN,
Divers Alert Networt

The DAN Dive Accident Insurance Plans are recognized worldwide and can be confirmed 24 hours a day through the DAN Emergency Hotline (+1-919-684-9111). The DAN plans provide secondary coverage of up to $500,000 and pay 100% of eligible expenses.
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