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LOST ISLAND - Fiji Islands

Lost Island is wedged between the islands of Moturiki and Ovalau. On Moturiki are 9 Fijian Villages, the people herer live of the land and  sea. They keep gardens in the  bush where they plant mainly Kasawa, Taro, Yams, fruit grow wild in the bush.
The sea is of great importance too. all sorts of seafood, fish, crustaceans, seaweeds, molusks are part of the diet and provide a cash income by beeing sold  on the marked day in Levuka .... 

Please note that accommodation rates include food. Food includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, incl. tea and fruit juice.
Food served is local mainly Fijian food such as fish and various seafood, chicken, land crabs, dalo, cassava, rice, vegetables .. Vegetarian meals are available.
On Sundays, often a special meal, 'Lovo' is served. This is a traditional way of preparing food in an earth oven. Its delicious.

Besides the three meals a day provided, you need to take care of all your needs, so bring things you need, or accompany your hosts on supply runs to Levuka to get what you forgot.
Bure: F$ 58 per person
Dorm: F$ 45 per person
Tent: F$ 30 per person
Rates are per person, incl. 3 meals.

Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice. Payment on the island is in cash only. Credit cards or checks are not accepted.
Getting there
Boat from Levuka (Ovalau) takes about 20 min Fare is F$ 25 per person each way. 
Waidalice (Viti Levu) to Lost Island is F$ 50.
Transports will be arranged on demand. Please contact us for details..

Lost Island is currently closed.

For current information talk to Mr Tabaki (+679 3440356) from the Levuka Community Centre

Lost Island, PO Levuka, Fiji Islands

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