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Leleuvia Island Resort, Fiji Islands

Leleuvia Island is a small coral island located south of Ovalau in a sea area known as Moturiki Passage. Leleuvia is the perfect place for anybody who wants to get away from the troubles of the world.
The island is a gem, surrounded by clear waters, palm trees and 2 km of white beaches - that's how big the island is and you will need only 20 minutes to walk around. Its what you imagine when you think of a South Pacific Island Paradise.
Once you be there you will find it very difficult to leave again.

  Things to do
You don't have to do anything, but if you feel for it you may relax on the beach and when you are hot enough just take a dip in the crystal clear waters. Snorkel of the island or go on a snorkeling or scuba diving trip to one of the reefs in Moturiki Passage. Healthy, colorful hard and soft coral reefs teeming with fish can be explored.
Leleuvia Divers offers daily dive trips and PADI Courses from Beginner to Divemaster
In the afternoons play a volleyball game with the locals or watch the sun set with a cold Fiji Bitter. After dinner join the staff around the Kawa bowl (Tanoa) and listen to their Fijian songs or sit around a bonfire at the beach with friends and watch the stars in a clear sky. You will never want to leave this island.


Uluibau Moturiki
On Sundays Leleuvia is offering trips to Uluibau on the nearby island of Moturiki, where you'll have the opportunity to join the church service and experience a Sunday in a traditional Fijian village. The singing of the choir is a real treat for the ear and afterwards have lunch - and that's the treat for the stomach - shortly: enjoy village hospitality. 
Information and Bookings


Tel: (+679)
838 4365
Leleuvia Island, PO, Levuka, Fiji Islands

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