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Hammerhead, Wakaya 24.nov 03 by jonspokes@hotmail.com

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Pilotwhale between Wakaya and Ovalau by jonspokes@hotmail.com
Lomaiviti area is visited only by few divers. In fact, most dive sites are so far out that they can only be visited from live aboard dive vessels. We regularly dive a radius of 20 miles which includes the sites at Wakaya and Makogai, Vatu I Cake, Moturiki Passage and Ovalau Reefs . Some of the most exciting places in Fiji.

Click here to to read about ocean currents, up welling, reef structure - why Central Fiji diving is special

The Makogai - Wakaya Reef a huge figure eight shaped reef - lagoon about 25 miles long. It got formed about six million years ago as the Fiji Micro plate got kind of wedged under some otherOvalau, Wakaya, Makogai plate, which causes the Fiji Micro plate to turn. Along the resulting crack in the earth crust through an up welling of magma the Islands Moala, Gau, Wakaya, Makogai, Vatu and the sea mount E6 appeared. (About the plates) All those Islands raise from from a seafloor of well over 1000 meters. East of Wakaya- Gau the seafloor falls to over 3000 meters.
Wakaya is a private island and operates The Wakaya Club. Makongi Island is home to a turtle, clam farm and trochus shell farm. Wakaya wall and its passages and Makogai has lots of awesome dive. Frequented by large sea life like dogtooth, grey reef shark, hammerheads and mantas. West of Makogai are the Vatu Reefs.


grey reef shark
Wakaya Passage: In the cold season mantas and hammerheads are almost guaranteed. Huge schools of fish, White tip, Nurse, Grey reef sharks, Marble Rays, Turtles, Eagle rays and Barracudas. And on the reef we show you the hiding places of Blue ribbon eels, Leaf fish, Lionfish.....

Levuka Passage, a narrow passage, strong currents and deep. Schooling fish by the thousands, giant groupers, eagle and manta rays, barracuda, trevally, White tips, grey reef and bull sharks are regularly seen as well as occasional tiger shark sightings. 

Levuka Pier ghostpipefish
the site for the connoisseur! The strangest critters you can find... Ghost pipefish, decorator crab,  Frogfish, needlefish... for divers with eyes for the most beautiful.

Ski Slope, Beautiful hard and soft coral reef, schools of colourful tropical reef fish located in Moturiki Passage. Schools of fusiliers, parrotfish Napoleon fish, lobsters, anemones...................

Saxophone: A tunnel - enter at five exits at 20 meter. At your left an impressive overhanging wall with colourful soft coral, right at 20 m leads you to a outstanding point that drops to bottomless, huge schools of trevally and barracuda, occasional manta ray and white tip or hammerhead, schools of tuna.

Vatu Vula or White Rock close to Makogai channel. Trevally, Spanish mackerel white tips, grey reefs shark, occasionally mantas or eagle rays, schools of fusilManta, Wakayaiers and plenty coral fish amongst an abundance of hard and soft coral.

Loba loba lighthouse the northern end of Ovalau Reef, coral gardens, pinnacles, and passages, white-tip reef sharks, Spanish mackerel, Napoleon wrasse, giant groupers, batfish and ornamental reef fish. Outside Loba loba passage occasional Silvertip sharks.

Snake Island, located in Moturiki Passage is a drop off covered with the most amazing sea fans and soft corals in all colours of a rainbow, there are sea-snakes to, schools of fusiliers, sweet lips,  parrotfish and a wide variety of nudibranchs. a cool cave with strange critters for the experienced to explore.

Rat Passage, best in strong current ... large schools of trevally and barracuda can be expected and, at times, over a dozens of grey reef sharks. yeah

The hammerheads aren't the only draw card to the diving
here. The hard and soft coral are some of the most colourful I have seen while diving in Fiji. From manta rays to sharks and barracudas... its all here. And if you are lucky you might see dolphins or whales on you journey to the sites. We saw a whale shark on ours..  it pays to go off the beaten track to find a hidden treasure.
Nicole, US - Darren, UK

Wow! Levuka Passage and the Pipeline! Giant Groupers, plenty of eagle rays, biggest schools of fish, barracudas everywhere, this is the dive for big fish lovers....
Phil, Canada

Superb diving!!! Cleaning shrimps and all the funny stuff Noby brings out of the small cracks. 
Dave + Iza, Switzerland


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