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Encounter with a whale shark


On the return from Wakaya lailai to Levuka about 4 miles off the Wakaya reef we went with the boat right over a whale shark. The boat did not touch it as we were afraid of first.  We slowed immediately and looked back. 
A huge fin stuck out of the water and went under. We reversed back a little and saw a whale shark swimming towards the boat. Off the engine, and I was in the water with mask and fins in a flash. 

The shark swam right towards me I could see markings around the mouth and had to think about how small its eyes are compared to its size. It was a small Whale shark of about 5 meter.  Daren and Bob got in taking pictures (have to wait for slides) and filming with video (the camera turned later out being switched off) After hanging out with us for a little and looking at us the shark swam away. Darren followed, Bob and I got back into the boat. We reversed to where Darren was swimming. 
The shark approached. It seemed to be attracted to the boat or the engine noise as it swam to the back of the boat again. We got back into the water.

The shark swam right up to us again as of being curious and wanting to check us out. It came so close I touched it on its side. Like sandpaper just as all sharks. It was indifferent to the touch, did not react. Finally Nicole followed to with her digital camera (she took those pictures). The shark stayed a little, then started to descend and disappear into the blue. 

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