Lovoni Midland Tour

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Epi Bole

Epi’s Midland Tour, hike to Lovoni – Ovalau, Fiji Islands

Lovoni Village

Lovoni, on the Island of Ovalau, is one part of the Fiji Islands where history has had a chance to be made.

From the days when the first settlers arrived, through the de facto reign of King Cakobau, to the first Colonial Administration.

Levuka was the first capital of The Fiji Islands – Lovoni was the first village on Ovalau.hike up the hills....

 With the leadership of myself, Epi, You will trek through the pristine rainforest to the heart of Ovalau – to the village of Lovoni, situated within a volcanic crater.

Throughout the trek, I will explain and you can sample, jungle medicines and bush food, as well as enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of the surrounding area. 

 After the trek cool off with a refreshingLovoni River
swim in the clear river.

In Lovoni, after presenting a Sevusevu to the chief of the village, you will enjoy a lunch of traditional Fijian food & drink served by my family.

I will also explain the history of Fiji, Ovalau, and Lovoni, along with the famous legend of the strong, fierce warfare encountered by the blood-thirsty warriors of Lovoni.

This elaborate history encompasses; trickery, torture, intimidation, and slavery, until the final rebirth of my proud people.

After a tour around the village, transport is provided
back to your accommodation in Levuka.
getting ready to dive into the pool

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Epis Midland Tour

Epineri Bole (+679) 922 3736,
PO Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji Islands

Comments from previous guests:

The tour with Epi to Lovoni Village was the cultural highlight of our Visit to Fiji. Really great! Epi is a very knowledgeable guide . Lunch in a Fijian home, meeting with the chief of Lovoni and a swim makes this tour a must.
Caitlin & Noel, USALovoni River

Do not miss the Lovoni hike with Epi. You will be treated as a guest and not as a tourist.
Jeniffer & Jean-Jaques Deutac, France



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