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view from the mointainOvalau Watersports is located in the historic town of Levuka on Ovalau Island to the east of Fiji's main island of Viti Levu. Levuka was the capital of Fiji from 1874 until 1883 when the capital moved to Suva. It was designated an historic town in 1989 and has applied to UNESCO for World Heritage Status. 
Ovalau Islands is a lush tropical volcanic island of about 100 square kilometres surrounded by large coral reefs. . Today the population is approximately 3000 and it is still the administrative, educational and agricultural centre of the Lomaiviti group.

There are many descendants of early traders who came to Levuka to trade for sandalwood or who stopped to get water and food supplies. Some of them settled down and married local Fijians. They started trading in beche-de-mer, coconut-oil or turtle shells and by the 1870s Levuka was booming. About 3000 Europeans had settled and Levuka had 52 hotels. It was a wild place. Heritage Buildings in Levuka, Ovalau
But in 1882 it was realised that Levuka did not have the space to expand so the government was moved to Suva. Business and trade naturally shifted, too, and Levuka's 'heyday' was over. However, because of this dramatic change in role, the historic ambience of the late 1800s was captured and now provides the modern visitor a unique look at Fiji's historic past
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