hammerhead at wakaya passage, by achim nimmerfroh




Sharks in Fiji
Sharks used to be very common in Fiji waters, unfortunately because of demand for shark fin soup the populations have declined, and will most likely continue doing so until a ban of shark fin trade.

Fiji Shark Fishing Ban
There are now moves in the Fiji Government to implement a Fiji wide Shark fishing moratorium, which when ratified  will ban all shark fishing and trade in Fiji.
The great Fiji Shark Count

Today the most common shark seen on Fijis reefs is the white tip reef shark the inhabit inside and outside reefs usually patrolling a small territory. There is rarely a dive on which you will not see one ore more white tip reef sharks.

 great hammerhead shark, ovalau, fiji
  grey reef shark tend to prefer passages that are exposed to tidal currents as they are a species shark that must always move in order to provide enough oxygen to their body. to see them wee time dives to be in the passages when then currents are strong.

Nurse sharks are usually hunt in the night for crustaceans an other bottom dwelling creatures, during the days they are found resting in crevices in holes or small caves.

bull sharks have become rare, the only place where we frequently see them without chuming them, is on deep dives at the Pipeline. its a impressive bulky heavy shark.
hammerhead sharks are some of the most beautiful sharks to watch, they gracefully swing their head as they patrol their territories they are usually indifferent to divers.

silvertips have large territories that extend away from the reefs out into the open see, they usually surprise divers by just appearing out of the blue for a brief inspection just to disappear back into the blue.

black tip reef sharks are rare to see today as their numbers seem to be low, ore than adult small juveniles are seen in shallow lagoons

black tip sharks are different from the black tip reef shark closely resembling a bull shark but are not as masiv.

whale sharks are very rare in Fiji waters, in thousands of hours on und under the water i have only had three encounters with a whale shark.

tiger sharks are shy and avoid divers if not chummed in.
hammerhead shark fiji

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