Fin Whale in Fiji

Fin Whale In Fiji

The Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) is the second-largest animal on the planet right after the Blue whale. They can grow to around 25 meters in length and weigh over 60 tons. Just like its big cousin it is a cosmopolite … Read more

bottlenose dolphin fiji

Bottlenose Dolphins In Fiji

Most people probably know the TV series “Flipper” where the main animal protagonist is a trained bottlenose dolphin. Bottlenose dolphins are some of the most common and well-known members of the Dolphin family. Bottlenose dolphins in the Fiji Islands (Tursiops … Read more

whale shark in fiji

Whale Shark in Fiji

The whale shark inhabits all tropical and temperate oceans. It lives pelagic in the open seas, usually in the upper water column where plankton is plenty. Whale sharks pose no significant danger to humans as they are usually docile slow-moving … Read more

Nautilus In Fiji

The Nautilus (Nautilidae) is a mollusk of the cephalopod family (Cephalopoda), which also includes squid, octopus, and cuttlefish. The Nautilus differ from the other cephalopods living today in a number of features, most notably in the large, hard outer shell that … Read more